Tradinfo’s services are mainly aimed at stock exchanges, stock brokers, banks, listed companies, financial associations, etc. They can be largely divided in three categories.
Financial Event Organisation

Multi-broker one-on-one investor conferences

This is a unique Tradinfo concept whereby a selected small groep of stock-brokers jointly present listed companies from their home markets to institutional investors. The main benefits:

– Brokers expand their client base by jointly approaching investors for company meetings.
– Reduction of cost by sharing the expenses.

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Investor roadshows

We offer non-deal road shows to listed companies in order meet investors in their own offices or in an alternative format such as during a lunch presentation.

Financial events

Tradinfo organises for stock exchanges, banks or associations in the financial sector that would like to present a certain theme to the financial community. Tradinfo is able to offer turn-key organisation services including, budget management, attracting sponsors, inviting speakers, designing logo/graphics, event website, creating and distributing inviations, on-site event management, etc.

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Sectorial/thematic investor conferences

This is often a white-lable service for stock brokers or a group of companies, that need support in organising an investor conference with a specific topic/theme.

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Capital Market Services

Corporate access services

Through our numerous investor conferences, we have developped a large network of companies and investors with whom we have worked with. For banks and stockbrokers, we offer corporate access services aimed at CEOs, CFOs and IROs in our client base.

1:1 tool Fixmeeting

Fixmeeting is Tradinfo’s proprietary online 1:1 meeting management tool that allows brokers to efficiently create, manage and distribute meetings between investors and companies during roadshows or large scale events.

Fixmeeting can be delivered with Fixmeeting App, which gives delegates through their smartphone or tablet insight in their meeting agenda as well as the program of the conference. Amendments in Fixmeeting planning tool, will be automatically processed in the App.

The Fixmeeting Animation, is an application that shows an animated presentation of all one-on-ones and group meetings on a large screen, smart phone or tablet. This endorses investors to see free slots during the event, and will lead to more ad hoc meeting requests.

Outsourcing 1:1 scheduling

Tradinfo is specialized in the logistical support for small and large investor conferences, and in particular in the scheduling of investor-company meetings in one-on-ones and small groups. On average we schedule around 750-1.000 one-on-ones per conference.
The Tradinfo event manager is very experienced in processing meeting requests of investors and in communicating, i.e. on behalf of the broker, with the delegates to confirm their schedules. Fixmeeting allows the brokers have online ongoing insight in the schedules. Eventually, Tradinfo provides a turn-key roadshow and investor conference service.

Client perception studies

We offer several types of surveys:
– Opinion polls: To be held in advance of a conference, among (potential) registrants, in order to choose the right theme/topics.
– Feedback studies: Survey among delegates of a conference or roadshow in assessing the logistics, speakers, topics, etc.
– Perception studies: Survey conducted among selected groups of investors or companies in order to gain insight in e.g. their interests, outlook, sector, etc.
– Benchmark studies: Survey focused on one company to be compared with its peers.
Raising Capital

Customised Services

Tradinfo’s large network of institutional investors, financial institutions, family offices and private equity houses has placed us in an excellent position to provide additional support to our clients in seeking equity and/or debt capital. We offer fundraising services for investment funds (mutual funds and private placements), private equity funds, capital increase, etc. Tradinfo works together with its selected partners for specialized assignments.