About us

Tradinfo is a financial relationship marketing agency mainly active in Europe, North America and Asia where we connect our clients with the international investment communities.

Tradinfo’s clients are fore mostly stock exchanges, banks, stock brokers, listed companies and many international associations active in the financial sector.

Tradinfo has organised roadshows, investor forums and financial conferences for its clients in several cities such as Antwerp, Amsterdam, Beijing, Boston, Brussels, Dubai, Frankfurt, Geneva, Helsinki, London, Milan, Paris, Zurich, etc.

Tradinfo’s team of professionals can be distinguished by the following competences:

Commitment: The team is highly motivated and dedicated to deliver each job, whereby concrete results and satisfied clients are our primary objectives;
Experience: For more than a decade we have delivered IR services and organised large scale investor events for brokers and stock exchanges;
Knowledge: Up-to-date expertise on the developments in the capital markets and understanding of the actors in the investment community;
Network: Through all our activities we have created a large network of leading decision makers in the financial world, such as CEOs, CFOs, IROs, Fund Managers, Buy and Sell Side Research Analysts, Heads of Equity Sales and Research, Economists, Ministers, Academics, etc.;
Quality: Throughout all our services, quality is the common denominator. The loyalty of our recurring international clients is the best proof.
Finally, Tradinfo works with the following partners to assist in broadening our network and knowledge in specific areas:

Notre équipe, composée d’une vingtaine de professionnels aux profils variés (de la finance et de la communication), conseille les dirigeants dans leur stratégie de communication adaptés aux attentes spécifiques de la communauté financière, des médias et des autres parties prenantes.
Notre savoir faire est basé sur la parfaite connaissance des médias, milieux boursiers et financiers et s’appuie sur la qualité des réseaux constitués.
Nous adressons des programmes de communication dans trois domaines clés :
– la communication financière : de l’introduction en Bourse au suivi de cotation sur toutes les étapes de la vie boursière  ;
– les relations publiques avec la presse et les investisseurs ;
– les outils de communication print & digital  : campagne de publicité multi devices , édition (rapport annuel, plaquette corporate, lettre aux actionnaires…) et digital (site internet, module financier, réseaux sociaux…)
Quelques chiffres :
Avec 19 collaborateurs, Actifin accompagne au quotidien une cinquantaine de 50 sociétés dans tous les secteurs d’activité et a participé à l’introduction en bourse de 82 sociétés principalement sur Euronext (40) et Alternext (42) 

Actifin Website

The European American Chamber of Commerce® provides its members with access to transatlantic business opportunities as well as timely and relevant information, resources and support on matters affecting business activities between Europe and the U.S. 

The goal of the EACC’s New York Chapter is to stimulate business development, and to facilitate networking and relationships between European and American businesses & professional organizations.

EACCNY’s local audience in New York is comprised of major organizations in the financial services, legal area, media, professional services/ consulting industry, manufacturing, retail, real estate, international trade and other business sectors represented in the Tri-State area, who are eager to learn about business opportunities and the latest developments and in the trans-Atlantic economy.

EACC Website

Fair Impact gives organisations insight into the consequences of their activities concerning environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues. Via research and conferences she connects investors and companies with the international capital market.
Integrity, transparency and trust are core values of Fair Impact. 

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KplusV is a pragmatic and hands-on consultancy firm with approximately 90 employees. Our mission is to make a difference by encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship and a sustainable economy. From our offices in Amsterdam and Arnhem we provide services to both the private and public sector. 

Our company, founded in 1984, is the Dutch market leader in alternative finance and support to young innovative companies at achieving their goals. We advise over 150 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on a yearly basis. As such, we are familiar with the challenges they face and know what they need. To fully understand the impact of their challenges, we also conduct research. In collaboration with public and private parties we analyse economic systems, market potential and availability of alternative finance on a local, regional, national and European level. We are known for our in-depth knowledge of innovation processes, product development, business development, strategy and corporate finance.

Our professionals are dedicated to supporting both entrepreneurs and governmental organizations. With a keen eye for and experience with cross-border cooperation and matchmaking. Their activities focus on:
Investment readiness

– Alternative finance
– Ecosystems
– Cluster excellence

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