A project started in a workshop can also be continued in another.

But in doing so we will annihilate all that is the same value of education: the human presence, this indispensable part of affectivity that make it more digestible intake programs and manuals. The telepedagogie is the abandonment of a sacred aspect of our function: human formation. It is the reign of the robot can record in his “memoirs” of wealth that make illusion then that will be off the sap from which the base part, cherished thought and perfect the plant ready to bloom and bear fruit . This telepedagogie is all the more dangerous it can effectively than those who are subject there are more educated and therefore better equipped for success in examinations. And parents will be satisfied. It may even be welcomed by the traditional masters because it will work in the spirit of scholastic it will only strengthen. It is easier to keep the kids quiet in front of the screen and press a button to operate their intelligence and their heart to beat tricky tests: one that creates life and happiness. It could yet be an educational and formative telepedagogie. We will try to define it in this Congress and ask when we officially be granted a special chain forefront of a pedagogy that would serve children contemporary achievements admirable fruit of generous genius of men. From the excess of evil, we will be able to make out one day a valid remedy? Will we be able to replace the School of words, universally condemned, a deep formation of personalities? We’ll let us control by mechanical or will we enslave us? Are we men or robots? This is the problem today is that we posed dramatically. It is time for all free spirits, aware of the danger, unite to save all that we carry incomparable: intelligence, sensitivity, sense of beauty and goodness, and the need for harmony solidarity; everything that makes us men of liberty, equality and fraternity “of principle and instinct, says Teilhard, man normally deviates from the man. But on the other hand, what completion within his powers when, in research or in combat, it is seized by the breath of affection or companionship! What fullness, when at certain times of danger or enthusiasm, it is accessed in a flash, the wonders of a common soul! These short light or lights should make us suspect what a great joy to share and still dormant within the human table. ” C’est pour servir notre noble esprit Ecole Moderne que je vous convie maintenant au labeur fraternel de ce Congres. C.F. ‹ Notre XIX eme CONGRES INTERNATIONAL NIORT 7 – 12 Avril 1963 ^ Auteur : Celestin Freinet Version imprimable
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1 to 10 from 81 Results The collegium By Gilles Calvarin the 18/11/15 – 10:36 p.m. In: Grand West Region> GD 29 – Finistere Gr Teams Freinet School organization> Educational collective leadership team, college team. a small slideshow explaining how to live collegiality relying on the experience of the Freinet school in Brest. 4 comments 1 file attached No. 38 – The school discipline In: Practice and Research Publishing ICEM For teachers book, Life brochure of the cooperative class citizenship pedagogical principles> School organization cooperation> teaching team teaching principles> cooperation> consulting teaching techniques> classroom organization> life of the class to order payable online in January 2004 LEBAS Guy and the School of Modern Group Yvelines to purchase online (digital version) discipline, punishment, punishment, punishment, punishment, conflict, conflict resolution, aggression, violence, group effect, master, authority, authoritarianism Add comment Read more N ° 32 – the educational relationship against school violence in: Practice and research Publishing ICEM for teachers book educational brochure Principles> communication pedagogical principles> rights of the child Organiza tion of the school> teaching team in order payable online in January 2002 Laurent OTT To purchase online (digital version) relationship, relationships, educator, educators, education, educational, violent, violent, school violence, relationship Add Comment Read Natural method more in the second degree: experiments of KEY by Michele Comte 28/08/11 – 3:39 p.m. in. Region PACA> GD 13 – Bouches-du-Rhone Region Nord Pas de Calais Gr second degree realized Congress> workshop school level> second degree school organization> educational team Wednesday workshop 24.08.2011 High school Teaching Freinet La Ciotat Marion Agostini (French teacher) Cathy Rigal: Librarian (information science) Herve Nunez (Plastic Arts) Adrien Sweet (English) Lucette Agostini (GD13) Stephane Seguin (math) KEY: currently one class per grade from 6th to Terminale college Jean Jaures and Ly Cee Light of La Ciotat 17 teachers – Service time 21 hours / week Approximately 28 pupils / class in college and 35 high school College Jean Jaures 500 students, sociological level IV (slightly favored city centers) historically fertile ground: a historically active sector , important GD, many activists, a rector driven by innovation (JP. of Gaudemar) 1st year: 6e-fifth to second, then Class 1 more each pay for homework
year Circumstances: presidential elections Initially the project is carried by two people, who built the project, went to see the deputy, who spoke the rector and presented in National Assembly, which met with major colleges, got support: a Jacquart, Mr. Onfray, P. Meirieux, met all unions together parents, Creating a parents association. Use the time students: Disciplinary = morning, afternoon = IT, workshops, consulting, assessment, presentations. Followed by a steering group of the rector 2010 visit by the General Inspectorate (with meeting only children, parents) institution Expectations: Successful as well as other similar panels exam (tray, patent) The team claimed the much higher benefits in human terms. Early heavy classes, not heterogeneous public, for the team exceeded expectations. IT: autonomy class contract as a fortnight worktop. Results at the end of the fifteen Map deTravail: DISCIPLINE / WORKS / DAY (+ divisible hours) DISCIPLINE Monday Tuesday WORK 2H 1H 1H Thursday OPINION SES 1: 2: 3: FRENCH … ………. List …….. work: writing text, research, report, conference, store, correspondence, help, record recruitment in college (so = area downtown La Ciotat) 5 places reserved for children Ceyreste ( 1 primary class Freinet) Info in primary schools / children interested make a day of training in 6th, in February, after which they will make a report with advice and motivation. File review, prioritize the most motivated children and heterogeneity. High School: no school board, open to nationals of the academy. Currently arrival of former college students. Siblings are preferred. More and more applications, 28 seats at the entrance, insufficient teams. Workshops: 5-6 regular (literature, pla, computer arts, math, geo-hist, philosophy, acc) + variables workshops (picture ..) Registration is the week before the board. Possibility to re-register the following week, if want or need to finish. The workshop is multi-level. A project started in a workshop can also be continued in another. No principle priori choice for workshops. let them Accepting time. The important thing is the success of a project for the object and for the person.